From the thrilling nightlife of Berlin to the picturesque castles of Bavaria, Germany is a melting pot of old and new cultures. Around the world, this charming country is known for its beer, museums and Christmas celebrations. But there’s a lot more on offer than what you might first expect. Granted, the Museum Island in Berlin is a must-see and the Christmas markets across the country are impressive. However, dig a little deeper and you’ll find a whole treasure trove of discoveries…

Boasting medieval architecture, succulent meats, highly efficient transport links: Germany is a fantastic country for both short weekend breaks and long holidays. You can’t take a trip there without sampling the world-famous lagers and baked goods but we also recommend spending some time in the fascinating art galleries and museums. Love your dance music? Berlin is the place to go. And for those who like peace and quiet, wander through the Mosel valley.

Discover Germany

Celebrate Oktoberfest in Munich and explore the magic of the Black Forest.

Germany is a contradiction of cultures – traditional meets ultra-modern. Whizzing across the autobahn and wandering through streets of old towns; there really is no end to the hidden gems of Germany.

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